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Hello and welcome! We are pleased to have you here. Complete Care Needs Ltd. is committed to delivering person-centred care to you and your loved one while retaining respect, compassion, and excellence. Our care service is founded on the core concepts of compassion, understanding, and comprehensive care for your complete well-being.

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Whom we care for and support

People of all ages, physical ailments, and cognitive capacities can benefit from our high-quality home care services. Our clientele include the elderly, those recuperating from sickness or accident, persons with physical impairments, and people with complicated disorders.

We have a staff of qualified, trustworthy, and devoted carers that have been thoroughly screened, recruited, and trained to suit your care needs. Our care plans are tailored to your unique needs, and our carers guarantee that the care is of excellent quality.

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Why We Think You Should Choose Us

All of our expert carers must go through our cutting-edge training programme before caring for you. It goes above and beyond the basic criteria in the care industry. Carers are then equipped to provide high-quality care and assistance to people suffering from complex conditions. Our carers are always learning new techniques to improve the care they deliver.

We will try our utmost to connect you and your family with a suitable carer. We guarantee that they have the required skills and equipment to satisfy all of your care and support needs. Because of our emphasis on matching, the chosen care team has comparable interests and backgrounds. Because your care staff gets to know you and your requirements, you can anticipate consistent care.

Our completely managed service, given by care specialists, benefits families. This eliminates the need for you to watch and control the caregiver who is caring for your loved one. Our professional carers are backed by healthcare professionals and overseen by an experienced care manager. This service is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Your dedicated care manager will be available to support you, your loved one, and our care professionals.

We invest in our care management staff to ensure they have adequate time to offer everyone the help they require. When families choose our completely managed service, they are spared the responsibility of managing the care arrangement on their own. We recognise that this gives families peace of mind as they spend precious time with their loved ones. They don’t have to worry about care obligations.

Our carers are hired on an individual basis. This means that they are as committed to us as we are to them. Carers enjoy employment stability, so they remain with us longer. This ensures that your loved one will be cared for by the same care team on a constant basis. This means that your loved one can receive high-quality care with better outcomes and less disturbance to their everyday lives.

Complete Needs Care Limited operates an online care community. Families, healthcare professionals, and carers may all access up-to-date information about the care that is being delivered. It enables more effective monitoring, which means that concerns may be addressed more rapidly. It gives a reassuring view into the care their loved ones are receiving for our families. Our carers also utilise the online community to exchange knowledge and offer support to one another. It offers a critical link, which is crucial while working remotely.

Caregiving Nurse putting a bandage on a senior mans arm in his home.

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About Us

Complete Care Needs Limited

Complete Care Needs Ltd is a home care company that provides care and support to those who need additional assistance with everyday living in the comfort of their own homes. We provide person-centred care by promoting independence and quality of life. We teach our employees to give high-quality service that meets the demands of our clients.

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Are you considering starting your own fulfilling career in care?

We would like to hear from you if you have prior professional experience in a care home, hospital, or home care setting. We are constantly looking for passionate and experienced carers for our care positions around the UK.

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Sample of our reviews

I have received very good support with very good communication to meet my individual needs and condition.

Rated 5.0 out of 5
February 17, 2023

I have received very good support with very good communication to meet my individual needs and condition, including preparation of food, advising on content nourishment adapted to my age (82) and limited mobility in a large bungalow. The carer is flexible, i.e. will help with washing clothes and bed making. I have come close to giving an excellent overall rating and would recommend my carer to others.


For three years, right up until his death in February 2022, my dad was very fortunate to have Jacqueline managing his live in care

Rated 5.0 out of 5
February 17, 2023

For three years, right up until his death in February 2022, my dad was very fortunate to have Jacqueline managing his live in care, who treated him compassionately like he was her own family. She was attentive to his ever-changing moods and medical needs, showing patience and understanding of his frustration as his Alzheimer’s progressed and was totally professional when attending to his personal care. Right from the start, i could see my father was happy with the support we had in place for him and i feel blessed that Jacqueline enabled him to have the best end of life possible in the comfort and familiarity of his own home.

JD( Daughter of Client)

Complete Care Needs looked after me when i got out of hospital and was waiting for my care package

Rated 5.0 out of 5
February 17, 2023

Complete Care Needs looked after me when i got out of hospital and was waiting for my care package. All the staff were very kind and and professional. They all treated me with dignity and respect. This Company goes beyond the call of duty and really cares .I highly recommend them to everybody . S.E.S