About Complete Care Needs Limited

Our aim is to deliver exceptional and transparent services targeted at each customer, their family, stakeholders, and regulatory agencies. Caring is our speciality, and we do it with love.

Our Story

Jacqueline Mhlanga created Complete Care Needs Ltd. Over the course of her career in the healthcare field, Jacqueline has accumulated more than 20 years of expertise. In our belief, caring for others is a gift that is always appreciated, and Complete Care Needs was founded on this premise.

The term “Complete Care Needs” represents our belief that customers are more than simply a source of revenue, but people in need of love, understanding, and compassion. Years of giving back to people in need have taught us at Complete Care Needs that many things can be taught but not passion, and ours is to care for others.



We want to be the best care provider in and around Nottinghamshire, England, by giving every service user the love, understanding, and compassion they deserve, along with the best care possible.

Complete Care Needs exists to provide life-changing, person-centered care and support with great love, empathy, and compassion.

Our management

I’m your new personal health tips for your better life.

Our executive team has vast experience in the health and social care industries. Because of its experience and enthusiasm for delivering outstanding care, Complete Care Needs Ltd. provides trustworthy care. They are friendly and have a good attitude that helps them deal with any situation.

The goal of this management is to make sure that Complete Care Needs is well run by making it a culture of:

Good governance that involves openness and responsibility to clients, personnel, the community, and partners.

Responsibility for the vision and ideals of Complete Care Needs via audits, feedback, and ongoing questioning of the efficacy of practise to guarantee continual quality improvement.

Ensure effective information output and communication.

Director and Registered Manager

Jacqueline Mhlanga

LLB. Dip in Law. level 5 Health and Social Care Management


Complete Care Needs Limited was formed and is run by Jacqueline Mhlanga, a health care practitioner and lawyer with extensive experience. Jacqueline’s legal education and expertise, particularly her role as a team leader, benefit the company since she is qualified to analyse legal papers, legislation, rules, and regulations. Jacqueline’s background allows her to follow the legal framework in the domiciliary care market. She has also worked as a child-specific foster care provider for Nottingham City Council for five years. From 2010 until 2020, Jacqueline worked as a domiciliary support worker, where she was assigned to new clients to help establish a person-centered care plan and manage the client’s team of carers.

Jacqueline has extensive expertise in care planning, which entails assisting persons in need of assistance in setting their own objectives and determining the sort of support and care they require for their health and overall well-being. Jacqueline gathers information in order to create a thorough paper outlining the additional assistance required to manage their lives and be as independent as feasible given their disabilities. Jacqueline has great expertise creating thorough paperwork outlining what services are needed and how those needs will be satisfied through particular service provision by individual care supports. As a result, she obtained vast expertise in unlocking person-centered coordinated care, which provides consistency of the same quality of care while also analysing the needs in response to any changes in the client’s health and environment.

Our team of carers

We are proud of our carers since they are fully trained, trustworthy, and experienced. We match you with individuals based on their choices, activities, and interests. This is done to ensure the creation of a genuine mutual connection.

Our carers are subjected to stringent evaluations to ensure that they satisfy our high requirements. They must provide you with courteous, passionate, and consistent care that improves your life.

  • Our carers:
    They are perfectly qualified to care for the elderly. 
    Have professional credentials. 
    Have no criminal record.

We check in with you on a regular basis to verify that you are receiving the best care possible from your allocated caregiver. If they require further training, they will receive it so that you receive the finest possible care.