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Domiciliary Care

What Exactly Is Dom Care

Domiciliary care, often known as home care, is offered to people who live in their own homes but require additional assistance with daily activities. A professional carer will come to your home to help you with everyday duties like light housework, personal care, food preparation and cooking, or any other activity that will allow you to preserve your independence and quality of life. Home care also allows a family caregiver who is caring for a loved one to take a much-needed break.

Domiciliary care providers will use a variety of terminology to describe their services. The concept of domiciliary care includes hourly care, home care, and visiting care, but all relate to the same service: a carer visiting your house at various times during the day to offer care and assistance.

Who Needs Dom Care

Domiciliary care is for anybody who wants to stay in their own home and receive the care and assistance they need to live independently. This could be because you just had surgery or because you suddenly need help with things like getting out of bed, getting dressed, or taking your medicine.

What Is Included In Our Dom Care

Personal care is a broad phrase that refers to a variety of actions that assist you in maintaining your personal hygiene and appearance, such as washing, clothing, grooming, and toileting.

If mobility is an issue and prevents safe movement about the home, the visiting caregiver will make sure you move at particular times of the day.

When a carer visits you at home, they will provide you with companionship.

Carers can help you recover in your own home if you need help after being in the hospital or having surgery, like a hip replacement.

The carer will assist you in giving prescriptions so that you may stay on track with your schedule.

Carers will prepare meals and, if time allows, cook for you to ensure you have your meals at regular intervals throughout the day. If they do not visit at every mealtime, they will prepare food ahead of time for you to just microwave.


What Is The Process Of Dom Care

You will be given a care plan that is unique to you. Domiciliary carers will assist you in meeting your unique requirements by guiding you through your strategy. Each plan is made to fit the needs of the individual client and is kept up-to-date to reflect any changes in care needs, such as changes to medications.

The cost of care for those who want live-in home care is frequently less than the overall cost of domiciliary care at home. When a person receives domiciliary care, it is probable that you may be charged more for additional services to assist the person’s special care requirements, such as dementia, Parkinson’s, or for someone with high or complex needs, in addition to the expense of a carer visiting. These extras pile up over time and might become pricey.


When a person’s demands grow and a higher number of hours are required each day to provide the care they require, a domiciliary care service will continue to charge by the hour, which can quickly become prohibitively expensive.

The overall hourly cost of providing domiciliary care to someone who needs 24-hour care and assistance will almost certainly surpass the cost of an all-inclusive live-in care service.

Dom Care Cost