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Complete Care Needs: Your Solution for Supported Living

Our Supported Living Services put you at the centre of all we do, ensuring that your journey to independence is as easy and pleasant as possible.

What exactly is supported Living?

Supported Living is a service designed to provide individuals with the support they need to live freely.

We provide specialised support to individuals with a range of complex disorders, such as autism, disabilities, learning disabilities, and mental health needs. Here’s a closer look at how we cater to each of these conditions:

Individuals with autism have unique needs, which we recognise. As a result, we provide a person-centred service suited to your individual needs and preferences. We collaborate closely with you and your family to establish individualised support programmes that help you gain skills, confidence, and independence. Our staff is qualified to support individuals with autism. In addition, we provide specialised equipment, sensory spaces, and access to care and activities that will help you flourish.

Our Supported Living Services are intended to help individuals with physical disabilities maximise their independence while addressing their unique needs. We provide access to specialised equipment, such as hoists, to assist you in moving about comfortably. Our facilities are accessible, and our staff is trained to support you with personal care and other chores as required.

We recognise that each individual is unique when it comes to learning disabilities. Our staff collaborates with you and your family to identify your strengths, problems, and aspirations, and then develops a personalised support plan that allows you to live your life to the fullest. Our houses are intended to provide a secure, pleasant environment in which you may flourish, and we provide access to activities and therapies that help you acquire skills and confidence.

Our Supported Living Services provide compassionate, nonjudgmental support to individuals with mental health needs. We collaborate with you to create a support plan that fits your unique needs and circumstances, and then we provide support in areas such as medication management, accessing therapies, and encouraging good mental health and wellbeing. Our staff is trained to provide emotional support and advice, assisting you in developing the skills and resilience required to properly manage your mental health.

How We Can Help You

Complete Care Needs approaches our Supported Living Services with a person-centred approach. That is, we collaborate with you to understand your individual needs, preferences, and objectives before developing a support plan that puts you in charge. In order to provide support that is tailored to your unique needs, our staff is highly trained, caring, and experienced.

Our Homes

We provide a range of Supported Living homes that are tailored to your individual needs. All our homes are comfortable, well-designed, and equipped with the necessary facilities. Whether you need specialised equipment, handicapped-accessible facilities, or personal help, we have a home to meet your needs.

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Why You Should Choose Complete Care Needs Supported Living Services

Complete Care Needs is dedicated to our purpose of enabling individuals to live their lives to the fullest. We are well-equipped to support you on your road to independent living with our person-centred approach, individualised programmes, and experienced staff.

Every step of the way, our Supported Living Services are intended to help you develop skills, confidence, and independence. You may look forward to a full life with the flexibility to follow your interests and objectives with our support.

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